Privacy Policy is absolutely respect your privacy. Customers personally identifiable information will not sell or lease to third parties under any conditions . Any products ordering, registration information, we will be kept strictly confidential, all data are used only for contact and confirmation to complete the transaction.

If you shop or register on, will collect and keep your personal information in order to provide you the best possible service. The following is the purpose and use of personal information:

Purpose and use of personal information:

1 ‧ if you purchase products on, your contact information will only be use for contact.
2 ‧ registered members, your information will only be used to contact members to inform customers and members of the latest information on in order to best serve you.
3 ‧ designed for customers and members for more services and improve's service quality.
4 ‧ notify customers and members of the promotional activities, special offers or new products, the latest information.
5 ‧ reply to customers and visitors inquiries.
6 ‧ customers and site visitors or members' information is confidential.